“Blackness has many different forms and we must allow black art to represent that” – TJ Agbo [@tjagbo_]

TJ Agbo

British-Nigerian artist; TJ Agbo is the bright future of abstract art.

British – Nigerian artist TJ Agbo caught up with us one grey-skied London afternoon, in his hometown Peckham to talk to us about his life, work, and inspiration. Being an only child, as a young boy, Agbo quickly found himself filling his playtime with crayons, pens, and then eventually paint. Supported by his Mother, a fun hobby as a child developed into his vocation as a young man.

TJ Agbo
TJ Agbo

Inspired by his Nigerian roots and icons like Andy Warhol, Agbo is unafraid of using colour and geometric patterns to paint the face ad bodies of his collection of muses. The artist says “I have a natural affinity for abstract art and geometric art but growing up showing art to my family members made me transition more to portraiture; as that was what got the biggest positive response whenever I showed my work.  I guess I was subconsciously guided towards portraiture. My love for abstract and geometric art can still be seen in the backgrounds of a lot of my pieces”

TJ Agbo
TJ Agbo // Photographed by Shenell Kennedy

  Using a mix of watercolour, drawing ink, acrylic paint, and fine pens. Agbo predominantly works on paper and occasionally on canvas to create his abstract paintings. His unique style of abstract portraiture is sure to stand out in a room and instantly pulls you into the highlighted focal points that run throughout his work; the eyes and the lips of the women he draws.

TJ Agbo
TJ Agbo

As the art world re-adjusts to the new pandemic world and the rest of us do our best to follow suit, enter the romance and colour that radiates from Agbo’s work. Brighten up your office or living room with his pieces. And check out our interview with the freshest talent in the art world right now.

TJ Agbo ‘s paintings are available to purchase here.

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