In Conversation: We Talk To Beauty & Style Influencer [@ChrissieMilan] About Her New Book & Upcoming Projects


Chrissie Milan Gets Candid, As She Talks About Her Experience As A Black, British, Fashion Influencer.

Fashion and beauty blogger; Chrissie Milan is one of the few influencers who are not afraid to tell you the reality of life as a girl boss. Living in a world where the dream job of most children is no longer to be an Astronaut or Ballerina but instead three times likely to want to be a self-made entrepreneur by starting a YouTube channel. Chrissie Milan is using her influence for more than projecting what seems like the desirable life of social media and youtube. She is using her experience to teach you how to get to her level and learn how to become a fashion influencer in 2020. “So You Want To Be An Influencer” is a step-by-step guide that is available to purchase right now!

I had the opportunity to speak to Chrissie Milan over Instagram live, to discuss her new book and her experiences as a Black British influencer. Make sure you check out her YouTube channel for all the best tips and tricks on fashion and beauty, as well as listening to The CEO table and taking your first step in getting your s**t together. 

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