Wednesday Watchlist ft. [@T1Official], [@akalamusic] + more

The Wednesday Watchlist aims to highlight the music content you may have missed.

The Wednesday Watchlist is back again with more music related content you need to watch. Whether it’s interviews, series, or more these are the pieces of content you should be watching at the moment. They are all music related in some way or another whether it’s a music personality presenting, a breakdown of a career/project, being pushed out by a music personality, etcetera.

Series: Just One Drop by Theo Johnson (@T1Official)

Just One Drop is an interesting series that I think does a pretty good job of changing the ‘hood drama’ narrative. It centres on two plot lines both tied together by character Reece played by Theo Johnson (T1) in which we see the duality of his character as both callous criminal and as a nurturing force for change. It humanises a trope that is often presented one dimensionally in the process creating something closer to mirroring reality than a lot of other UK dramas. The project was written and directed by T1, and also pulls in other big names like Khali Best (Blue Story, Eastenders) and David “Sideman” Whitely (BBC 1Xtra, Amazon Prime UK) as part of the cast. The project was released on Nines‘ Ice City TV YouTube channel which recently also posted a trailer for another film written and directed by Milli Major.

Podcast/Interview: Agenda (with Beats by Dre) Episode 3

With everything that has been going on of recent a conversation like this was important to be had. On the latest episode of Agenda, Big Zuu plays host with Maya Jama, Ray Blk, and Tiffany Calver to discuss trolls and more importantly advice to women – especially those trying to get into the industry. With such a diverse range of personalities at different stages in their career, from different places, and different career paths, it is interesting to see where things have overlapped. It’s a powerful but fun conversation and one that should be had more often as representation is important but guiding people through what being that representation is actually like is just as important.

Educational: Akala livestream on police and protests

Throughout everything that has happened recently regarding the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK there have been few voices to rely on. But Akala is one that has been consistent in his rhetoric and challenging of the treatment and presentation of Black people for years across a whole host of platforms. In this livestream he isn’t coming to discuss a specific issue and focussed more on answering questions from his audience. He takes his typical scholarly and fact based approach making it just as educational as him having a talk would be. It gets him tackling questions that are less monolithic and reflect more grassroots questions getting the safe space needed to be asked and answered.

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Interview (Audio): Asco on AmarudonTV

Asco, the East London big dripper, and one of the streets favourite rappers is currently serving some time away. He’s not letting that stop him though and he links up with the best and most trusted interviewer AmarudonTV to have a real deep dive into him. In the hour long call we get an almost step by step walkthrough of his journey from childhood, transitioning to the roads, music and everything all of that has entailed. It’s one of those interviews you’d wish there were visuals to go alongside it but even without it the conversation alone is engaging enough to keep you tuned in.

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