What Do I Do With My Kanye Merch Now? – Blexit and Other Problems

No honestly, What am I supposed to do with it?

Admit it or not, there was once a time in all our lives when Kanye West was our icon. From ‘The College Dropout’ album, to ‘The Life of Pablo’ discography, Kayne’s presented many albums with countless songs, that we’ve grown up with throughout our youth, and shouted to the beat with along in the club. We’ve all at some point held Kanye close to our tender hearts, and appreciated his sound, style and the artistic experience and aesthetic he generates for those who follow him. Which is why naturally, buying his albums, his merch, his concert tickets felt necessary – it felt correct.

The sold out, cult and fan favourite, ‘Life of Pablo’ long sleeve orange top, from Kanye’s tour of the same name


Now, fast forward to today and the present couldn’t be more awkward. Kanye is drowning in headlines and controversy, and it puts once loyal supporters like me, with a bunch of ‘Yeezy‘ Season 7 merch, and a playlist full of Ye on Spotify, in an incredibly awkward position. Who is this new Kanye? Where is the Kanye who told me it would ‘only make me stronger’? Why does my former hero, who I once sent 2016 outfit photos of to an ex boyfriend for fashion inspiration, now support a political party which wants to deport people the same skin tone as both of us and more?


The revelation of Blexit, an amateurish pun titled clothing line, which urges African American’s to consider leaving the Democrat Party for the Republic Party, only adds seasoning to the furiously bubbling cauldron, surrounding Kanye and politics; with America’s favourite woman Candice Owen’s, claiming our dear Ye designed the tops himself, with his signature of support on top. ‘Blexit‘ is a shady word play of our own ‘Brexit‘, a combination of the words ‘British’ and ‘Exit’, which highlights our rollercoaster expedition, to attempt to leave the European Union. 

Picture: Products from the launch of ‘Blexit’, which was available to purchase from the Blexit website.


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So what now? Even the Yeezus haters reading this, who are probably inhaling and exhaling ‘I told you’, and parading around although they predicted the apocalypse correctly, you have to avow Kanye has and probably will always be a fashion trailblazer, despite the views he presents. Nevertheless, it is those notions of he’s which has brought me to this feeling of mourning and disappointment today. It’s perfectly okay to have different opinions; but me, Kanye, and what feels like a huge percentage of the population, no longer share the same one. So to the people out there like me, who have a draw full of Kayne merch, and Yeezy’s from the past three drops, do you still wear your pieces, because I’m not sure if I can?


– Disclaimer, this piece was penned before Kanye booked his departure tickets from Politics, and announced the manipulation ignited, involving him and certain American political parties. So, maybe we can get out our Yeezus Tour bombers for the winter after all? Maybe.

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