WHO IS [@BenjiFlow_]?

Interview by Shay Sade

With all eyes on the UK music scene, there are artists who have proven to be a force of nature which forces you to take notice. this is where Benjiflow comes in. A talented artist from North London who shot up in popularity after his song Deep End went viral.

GUAP catches up with him to see what’s next for 2019.

“My Music doesn’t fit into one genre, it’s a feeling” – BenjifLow

How old are you and what area are you from? 

The age is a mystery however I’m from North London.

Where did the name BenjiFlow come from? 

Benjiflow is one word, I never liked the name Benjamin when I was younger.However, one day I thought let me turn my insecurities into a strength. So Benji, and flow, that came out of brainstorm when I was sitting with my friend trying to think of ways to just be different. 

How and when did your career start?  

It’s hard to say when it started, I’ve been producing for some time but that never really worked out for me as much as being an artist has. 

Your Boiler Room performance received a lot of attention online, were you expecting such a reaction?

I was hoping for that reaction, you can only hope for the best and pray the world connects with it. You can only aim to do great work and create great moments, once its out, it’s out. There’s nothing you can do about your art being out, you can have expectations but you can only pray it lives up to them.

 How would you describe your music? 

My music doesn’t fit into one genre, it’s a feeling. It has influences of many genres but it’s its own thing. It’s love, happiness and energy!

What’s one thing you haven’t learnt since starting your career?

 One thing I haven’t learnt? Now that’s hard. Okay I haven’t learnt how to back-flip yet, however I’m going to learn by the time I have my headline show, soooooo I suggest you roll! 

 Is there any other career you wanted to have growing up? 

I wanted to be a producer, from like age 10. I even have it in my primary school year book. I wanted be like Pharrell… but I guess that worked out because he both produces and sings.

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 Who are your inspirations?

 Frank Sinatra, Quincy Jones, Snarky Puppy, George Duke, The Spice Girls, Fela Kuti, Lagbaja, D’Angelo, Shabba Sizzla, Esperada Spalding… yeah, I could go on forever.

 Explain the video for Deep End?

 Directed by STUUPID. It’s a mood video based on the 4 elements, water, earth, fire and air. If you look at the colours throughout the video you can see out we interpreted that.

You have a project coming out this year what can we expect? 

I do indeed. You can expect deep grooves, very spiritual feelings and loads of love. 

 Any last words?

Yes, if you didn’t know, the song September by Earth, Wind and Fire was not recorded with a metronome, therefore the song gets faster and faster. I found that out on Twitter, tested it with my sister and yes, it’s true. It starts at 118bpm and fluctuates throughout the song, ending at around 126. Headache for DJs, but very good info! 

 “You can only aim to do great work and create great moments” – BenjiFlow

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