WhoisOrion offers up ‘Apologies’ on latest

After a 3 month musical hiatus WhoisOrion is back with latest track ‘Apologies’.

‘Apologies’ is an infectious and hard-hitting drop from the talented WhoisOrion. Having done some good numbers on his last two drops ‘Bally On Me’ and ‘Freezing’, racking up over 90k and 49k streams respectively on Spotify alone, it is good to see an active start to 2020.

The track features production from Kevin Gani, who also produced on Kenny Allstar‘s extremely well received Block Diaries project. The Trap influenced beat does a great job of drawing an audience in and was the perfect backdrop for someone to drop a banger. It sounds familiar without sounding dated or like every other song out at the moment, you could imagine any of your favourite rappers on this beat.

With such a great canvas to work with WhoisOrion arguably had a tough job to do on ‘Apologies’. He could very easily have been overpowered by the beat or let it do most of the work to carry the track but he doesn’t. He hits the wordplay, plenty of flows, and does it all with an almost nonchalant level of confidence. The variety of flows are arguably what’s most impressive especially how seamlessly WhoisOrion transitions from one to another.

The visuals are good, and definitely show some progression in that direction. Where his other songs have had a much easier theme to tap into for visuals ‘Apologies’ doesn’t have that easy thing to draw for. As such the visuals aren’t too focussed around the track’s narrative but provide a good aid to the vibe of the track. Alongside some very nice shots, the video also provides you with the lyrics so there’s no excuses for anyone getting any lyrics wrong or missing any bars or wordplay.

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We can expect a few things from WhoisOrion coming soon including a Wot Next session hosted by Mr Wot. Beyond that let’s just hope for some consistent releases as based on his socials WhoisOrion is a regular in the studio.

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