Why the @Dreamville “Too high to riot” tour was not to be missed.

It’s a Cole world…

Words by Shanice Mears.

So last week, GUAP Magazine had the great pleasure of being invited to attend the ‘Too high to riot’ tour, from the J Cole founded label, Dreamville. This their first U.K tour and Monday 14th November they hit up London O2 Islington to show us what was really going down.

The diverse and inclusive crowd made me excited to see what we were in for. There were still some pretty cool cats and some I would argue surprisingly cooler than I expected but If I’m honest I expect nothing less from the fans of J cole and his crew. It was unfortunate for us that we missed the first two acts but that didn’t stop us from enjoying all the good vibes.

Earth Gang made up of rap duo Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, were on top with the energy when they hit the stage- before having the whole concert screaming ‘Fxck Trump’ and throwing bottles of water into the crowd. Performing some of their hottest songs yet they definitely left the crowd with something to remember.


It was soon after Cozz came on and with an already hyped crowd he was ready to spit some real hype to us. Performing hit songs like Dream and Foreign girl, Cozz had everyone feeling like they had one mic in the crowd. Cozz was that sound that made you wanna light up some fire, put your fist in the air and knod your head all the way through. Both me and Ibrahim put our one finger in the air when we heard him recite the line ‘ I come from the hood nigga, but I’m a good nigga’. If you haven’t listened to Cozz yet then be sure to go back to one of his first albums “Cozz and effect”

Before I move on to the last performer of the night. The vibe in the O2 Iwas one I’ve felt before but don’t feel often. All these hip hop lovers in the room, and if you know or love J Cole you know the atmosphere was real because this was talent straight from the ‘Cole world’.

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Last to hit the stage was Bas, the chosen one. Before Bas had even hit the stage you could tell that everyone was ready to see him perform. The tension in the room was real as Cozz finished his dope performance. With hits like ‘Clouds never get old’ and ‘Night Job’ I wasn’t too surprised. Bas is that guy, you know the one you put on and listen to, because you know he’s gonna get you back in a good mood. It was great to see that someone so popular but yet still underground had such an impact in one room. And in saying that I’m gonna leave you with words from the GUAP man…

‘there’s enough people in the world for everyone to have their own niche supporters’

Shout out to the Dreamville team!

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