“Writing always kind of feels like an escape for me and it’s why it’s been the toughest most toxic relationship I’ve ever been in.” – Lauren Rae

Lauren Rae

We get to know Author of ‘Lol, So I Wrote A Book’ & Lifestyle Journalist; Lauren Rae.

What does writing mean to you? 

Honestly? Everything. It’s always been my go-to therapy when in distress, turmoil, happiness. Writing always kind of feels like an escape for me and it’s why it’s been the toughest most toxic relationship I’ve ever been in. I love writing like the first love you can never quite get over.

How did you get started in fashion copywriting and editing? 

It’s something I kind of fell into, I’d always written and worked in fashion companies so one day decided to try my hand at a copywriting internship, and everything sort of fell into place for me. It combined my love of writing and my extensive experience working in fashion at the time.

What kind of things do you love writing about? 

Self-deprecation and life experiences, in particular, are my bag. I find real comfort in being vulnerable and honest with whoever will read the rubbish I write online.

What is something that you keep coming back to for inspiration for your book and newsletter? 

For my book, it was always life experiences, particularly heartbreak. Heartbreak and a really shitty breakup are what prompted me to produce that first memoir because it was the only space I felt comfortable enough being that vulnerable. I’m very honest and sincere about it because I think now, looking back I can see how much I’ve grown since and how much it changed me as a “writer”. Whereas for my newsletter, it’s similar, but I can be a lot more sharp and snappy with my emotions and write as I feel them. Writing what I feel deeply about on Wednesday and releasing it on Sunday for example.

Tell us about the different steps that got you to now living in Munich, copywriting for MyTheresa? 

I literally said to myself I have to work abroad and make some decent money in my next role, because I was so tired of the tumultuous life of a freelance (not a) writer I was leading back home in London. This was back in 2019 and within a week of proclaiming this out loud, I received a call from a recruiter about a job in Munich, Germany where I now reside. I thought it to be fate because I literally spoke it into existence and two years later I’m still here watching the sunsets and snacking on vegan schnitzel.

What’s changed in fashion since you started? 

Fuck all, working in fashion and particularly luxury fashion, I’m always in awe of the styles that I grew up wearing being the in-thing again. It makes me wish I never binned my low-rise Evisu jeans.

How would you describe the perfect reader for your newsletter that speaks of your love of fashion, beauty but also honest re-telling of your life and lessons learned? 

I think I would describe them as a millennial who doesn’t mind taking the piss out of themselves, because that’s what my writing is really about, to be honest, and if you can relate? You’re the reader for me. I try to combine my obsession with things like Sex And The City with things like Channel U’s greatest hits so people aren’t entirely lost when they read my content, which I hope works for people. In the end, there’s usually something in there for everyone and this is due to my very experimental childhood of going through all of the different drastic style phases; mild-emo and Amy Winehouse beehive included.

Tell us about your book and what inspired you to self-publish?

My main goal was honestly to be seen. It was my last attempt at being seen in the literary world because I was getting quite down on myself in all the rejection and very close to giving up once and for all. The book, which is literally just a collection of stories about my life growing up and nostalgic UK references, was my final attempt to getting somewhere in my writing career. I wanted to write, but with all the rejection from publications, I didn’t really feel like there was a space for my writing. So I created my own space.

What was the process of writing your book? 

It was like one long therapy session for me. I initially set out to just write my feels out on paper post-breakup, and so spent every day before and after work talking to myself via a Google Doc. That was until a few of my friends convinced me to tighten up the content and release it. I was a little hesitant because of how personal a lot of the chapters were, particularly, ‘The Writer & Modern Love,’ but once I started to get excited about the work that would go into creating this piece – i.e. the cover design and the chapter images for example – I became so excited and it was the perfect distraction from the heartbreak that initially birthed this piece of work.

Can we expect a second print run of ‘lol, so I wrote a book? 

I’ve put I’M NOT A WRITER behind me to pave the way for new things, so unfortunately not, but I am working on something way better (well in my mind at the very least).

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