Smaller Brands Can Now Benefit From Influencer Marketing with XPO [@XPO_APP]

XPO team
XPO – launched in September 2019 – safely mediates connecting brands with influencers who are suitable to their budget and target audience to promote their products.

The social media influencer is still a relatively new marketing concept that has been hugely beneficial for fast fashion businesses such as Fashionova and Prettylittlething.

As influencer marketing is a relatively new concept it has not been standardised so how to operate in this world is still very hush hush and many businesses and brands have learnt how to navigate it through costly trial and error.

Lotanna Ezeike creator of XPO

Lotanna Ezeike, creator of XPO, recognised this and came up with a system that makes the booking process more efficient, transparent and democratic.

We’ve all seen the Twitter threads from small fashion brand owners lamenting about sending influencers clothing only to see them wearing it without mentioning their brand.

XPO ensures both parties state and deliver on clear agreements as influencers only get paid when they post.

How XPO works

Through XPO (pronounced ex-po) you ‘search, filter and safely book an influencer’ all of which can be done in 24 hours from £10.

Small businesses can access over 1500+ influencers and see the statistics for them to make sure they are a good fit for their brand.

They then send their chosen influencer a request for promotion which influencers can accept or decline.

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Only when the influencer accepts the brands request will the brand be charged. The money they are charged is held in the app and once the influencer delivers on their agreement will they be paid.

No delivery, no payment and the brand gets their money back.


The efficient system means that brands don’t have their products or money misplaced and influencers don’t have their time wasted.

Influencers are a great source of awareness for brands and there is a lot of space for them because brands are regularly emerging that cater to niche markets, which means everyone can have a slice of the pie.

XPO is a great initiative that enables smaller brands and influencers to get on each others radars and helps them work symbiotically.

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