Young Activist Deja Foxx Is Fighting For Your Future! [@dejafoxx]

Deja Foxx

Activist, Community Organiser & Future POTUS, Deja Foxx.

The Washing Post hailed Deja Foxx as “the new face of Planned Parenthood” in her fight for reproductive rights in the United States. 

In 2017, Deja Foxx had an exchange with US senator Jeff Flake that propelled her to the forefront of the reproductive justice movement. In the viral video, the world watched her speak about her experiences as a young woman of colour with a background in homelessness and how that affects her access to birth control.

Deja Foxx told Teen Vogue “We already had sex ed, but it was abstinence-only, and there was no regulation on it,” she tells Teen Vogue. “I was most nervous about making it personal, and talking about my own experiences. Everyone knew it was a problem, but nobody wanted to do anything about it.”

Since then, the Arizona-born activist has been a loud voice in the fight for reproductive rights. She led the successful campaign for comprehensive sex education in Tuscon, founded El Rio Reproductive Health Access Project which seeks to train young people as sex educators and community leaders. The passionate activist also runs an online community called the Gen-Z Girl Gang project.

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Deja Foxx is proof of the importance of young people’s voices today! We look forward to seeing what the young activist will do next. 

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