[@YoungsTeflon] tells you what’s hot off the ‘South London Press’

The still underrated Youngs Teflon hits us with South London Press as a reminder of the levels.

Although just a week old the video already has an impressive viewership being well over 250,000 views. The reason it’s got these viewers is undoubtedly the skill displayed in his rhymes along with an infectiously catchy hook. Not to mention the excellent but mellow production by Carns Hill. With a title like South London Press and knowing the kind of artist Teflon is, the subject matter is unsurprising. However, there’s a clear element of fun blended in with the street talk. With lines like:

South London Press, just pressed your girl come and take her

It’s hard not to forget that some of the other content is a bit more serious and dark. But luckily the blend of that cheekiness alongside a more gritty message makes for good listening and something more likely digestible to a wider audience.

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