[@YoungTMusic] &[@BugseyMusic] Are ‘En Route’

The boys are back again and they did not disappoint. They recently received a top 40 on with their latest single ‘Ay Caramba‘ feautring Fredo, this took the lads to new heights. Whoever’s decision it was to put Young T, Bugsey and Toddla T in a studio together deserve all the accolades as they created magic to our ears.

En Route‘ is a catchy song that describes Young T and Bugsey’s personality at its finest with high quality production and crisp visuals. The song itself is definitely a grower as the chorus and what they are rapping about sounds so clear.

They gave the fans the perfect amount of time between letting them know when the video was being shot to get them all excited, to the actual video being released.

I do believe that they are working on something special soon, it’s just a matter of time and a waiting game until then. Follow them on the socials and buy ‘En Route‘ in the links above.

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