[@YxngBane] tells you what goes ‘Vroom’

Yxng Bane is back again with another solo effort in Vroom.

Yxng Bane has time and time again proved that he knows how to make a hit. Vroom is no exception to this pattern. After having provided a standout rap verse in recent feature with Hypo and Young Adz on Passion 4 Fashion, here we get the Bane fans have come to love. The mix of Afro-Swing with his unique delivery that treads the line between melodic rapping and outright singing carry this track. This mixed with his abundance of charisma that comes through both his music as well as the way in which he carries himself, blend into undeniable star quality.

Just because he sings that also doesn’t mean he isn’t lyrical either. He has a nice vehicular based metaphor at work throughout the pre-hook and hook. As well as clever lyrics such as:

But I tell her time is money let’s make hours


No one can stop me not even Batman

Now whilst the first is the lyrical ability we tend to praise, the second shows playful self-awareness of the Bane – Batman dynamic and equally deserves its recognition. All in all the song is a fun uptempo banger with a catchy hook you’re bound to start hearing in plenty of places. Yet another banger Bane has added to his catalogue and this is one that could very easily transition over to more mainstream listeners as well.

What could also help a push in this mainstream direction are Vroom‘s visuals. Since coming onto the Disturbing London label this is one area the East Londoner’s game has really stepped up. This one is a fairly stripped back affair in terms of not relying on multiple lush environments, which is becoming ever more popular. Instead it plays to the theme of the track of cars and racing. This works in the videos favour as it ends up not looking like just another one of many videos that wants to display lavishness but has no correlation to the song itself. There is a place for both style of video, but for the average person I’m sure they’d appreciate the video to at least have some kind of correlation to the track. Here the visuals are crisp, the creative direction is clear, and execution is on point. To round it off and something that is impossible not to mention is that in every video and appearance, Yxng Bane is styled to a tee – so hats off to whoever’s responsible for that.

If you like Vroom check out Yxng Banes latest feature on Banx & Ranx + Ella EyreAnswerphone here.


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