5 More Performers You Need To See Before It’s Too Late


There are so many more than 5 performers you need to see, so here’s another 5 to keep you appetite for festival season alive.

Before anyone gets upset that their favourite performer isn’t on the list check out my first list of 5 performers to see. Of course, we couldn’t just stop there, we’ve barely scratched the surface of great performers out there but there’s nothing wrong with starting small. Here are 5 more artists who have the art of performing down to a science.


I saw Octavian as a support act for A2 in March 2018, so just after ‘Party Here’ had begun popping off and what a journey he has had. Back then even as a support act Octavian was a beast when it came to performing. He has songs that of course help, but he brings a complete vibe when he performs but also extremely high energy. He will dance, mosh pit, and have the crowd playing along to his whims as he conducts his show. He can do this all with just a PA track to support him, meaning despite all this energy and action he still raps and sings every word of his tracks. He, like Travis Scott, opts for having autotune assistance but manipulates it so well that it enhances the performances rather than feeling like a crutch he leans on.

Tyler The Creator

As someone who has always been out of the box but bubbly and seemingly with boundless energy it’s no surprise Tyler is on the list. Having recently been allowed entry into the UK after years of being banned, there have already been a few chances to see him live on these shores. By the looks of things, his performances are ones just as action packed as the names on the list you’d expect to have fans in a frenzy. Just look at the footage below from his show at Panorama Festival in 2017.


With lip syncing claims being rife, especially for singers, it’s refreshing to see a performer like Rosalia. She definitely sings live so no worries on that one, but that doesn’t mean she shies away from getting involved in choreography. She just makes sure that whatever she is doing when it comes time to get the words out she’s got it no problem. With Spanish speaking and Latin influenced music taking a huge leap into the forefront of world music, it’s important for them to have someone like Rosalia who can represent so well. On tracks, music videos and live Rosalia is the perfect ambassador for the growing Latin music scene.

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This guy genuinely feels like a cheat code when it comes to a show. Who knew all those years ago that this unassuming and friendly man from Toronto would become the biggest hitmaker the Rap industry has ever seen. Well, Lil Wayne did but the rest of us were asleep back in 2009 when he signed him. Now, a Drake show is him running through his extensive catalogue of hits that have enthralled generations of people across the world in a now over 10 year run. He has been an artist that hasn’t really missed. This makes his shows a journey in nostalgia and a reminder at just how much great music Drake has given us.

Kojey Radical

For a long time, Kojey existed in an odd space where people seemed to not know how to take him in. Was he a poet? Was he a rapper? Those questions seemed to plague him and override the most important question which is what’s the music like? The answer is that it’s great and his Cashmere Tears project seems to have done the trick in finally converting that into streams and ticket sales in the way he’s deserved. His shows are pretty high energy but all whilst maintaining clarity and a focus on the artistry that you’d expect of Kojey.

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