5 reasons why Anthony Joshua [@anthonyfjoshua] is an inspiration to young black men

  1. He remembers where he comes from: Recently in the press there has been videos and headliners about Joshua still living at home with his mum and also gifting his first ever trainer with one of the latest BMW’s. It just goes to show that even as a multi-millionaire he is still willing to continue his life as it was and not forget those who started with him.
  1. He used his troubles to get him out of trouble: Although people might argue that boxing is a violent sport. We cannot deny that as the undefeated champ here in the U.K his efforts, humility, and immense disciplined has allowed him to come away from the trouble as a youngster he has mentioned in various media outlets he use to get into and now concentrates on being the best boxer he can be.
  1. His openness of his past as a teenager: Overall black prisoners account for the largest ethnic minority in the U.K [prison reform trust organisation]. There’s no deny that young black men are constantly held up to a stereotype. Recently there has been a lot of ‘media concern’ on mental health in the BAME community. Iconic stars such as Stormzy recently spoke about depression in an interview and Lucozade recently showed Joshua in a light from his past to heavyweight. Joshua has allowed a new light to be shown on to him where he can display that being open about your past is also a way of opening new doors and inspiration to the next generation.
  1. His portrayal of humility: In a nutshell of all those above, Joshua has clearly shown the world that he is not just skilled but he is humble in his ways. He still lives in the area he grew up in, he remembers the guy who gave him his first fight and in despite of being rejected to represent Nigeria in the 2008 Olympics- he still carries the flag on his back when entering the ring and shows his heritage. Let’s Never forget that!
  1. He’s Not just a fighter but a father: There’s not much to say here because unlike the likes of some Joshua doesn’t use his social media channels to promote his fatherhood. However if you know you know and from what he does display he is greatly in love with his son, and continues to enjoy the blessings of fatherhood.

This post is dedicated to Anthony Joshua and in celebration of his win 29.04.2017. This is also to all the young black kings out there. We support you. Always!

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