6 Months on, a memorial is held for Grenfell

Grenfell is one of the worst calamities in the UK, yet received so little from the Government.

And the survivors have suffered a lot of unimaginable trauma and lost more than people can comprehend.


The head of the fire brigade union has described the Grenfell tower disaster as ‘a crime that should topple the Government’. Six months ago, more than 200  (Yet the news adamant on 71 people dead) ; men, women and children have lost their lives to negligence, something that could have simply been avoided by doing the bare minimum. Fitting water sprinklers and avoiding cladding on the building.  Unfortunately the priority of this economically divided council was the importance of the aesthetics of the  buildings that towered above the wealthy area of Nottinghill.

After many families lost their friends, loved ones, belongings and important documents to the fire, they yet haven’t been rehoused. There have been around 20 suicide attempts and instead of workers talking to them, they have been sticking leaflets through the door. These people have been neglected by the government.


But to add a ‘helpful’ plaster to the ‘wound’, a memorial was held, with the prime minister sitting at the front, the same prime minister who promised a £5 million fund would be made available to pay for emergency supplies, food, clothes and other costs.

Here’s what people had to say


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In all honesty, much more should be done. A memorial isn’t a quick fix to all problems. A memorial is the bare minimum that should be held, regardless.

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