Meet the artists behind the Fixation exhibition by [@thewhogallery]

We popped into the Fixation exhibition by pop up gallery The Who Gallery last month. Below, we meet three of the artists who were involved and explore their work.

The Who Gallery aim to showcase young emerging artists across the city.

Fixation, curated by Makesa Kaizen and Richard Dixon, was about exploring all types of addiction and the impact of them on a person’s life and mental health.

A loss of control is central to any addictive behaviour

@mariamm_s – artist

When you first walked down into the gallery you were met by a sea of women’s naked torsos lining the walls in a range of pinks, peaches, browns, purples and ink lines. @mariamm_s uses a variety of oil and acrylic paint and ink to produce her enticing pieces.

See Also

Raman Aso – painter and illustrator

Raman Aso is a conceptual painter and illustrator. She is an illustration graduate from the University of Bournemouth. Raman aims to produce “compelling and informative images that provoke emotion and capture the darkness committed by man’s own senselessness”.

Ejiero – photographer

Ejiero is a photographer taking mainly portrait and fashion photographs. Her collection displayed at Fixation was entitled ‘A Different Perspective’. Her images where produced layering a portrait that had been taken from different angles over itself to produce a striking effect.

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