A2 [@A2Artist] drops tropical sounding ‘Take You’


The ‘Winter Winner’ brings us summer vibes on latest track ‘Take You’.

A2 has had a slew of releases in 2020 and ‘Take You’ is the most surprising yet. Having dropped singles ‘Midsummer Misery’ and ‘Lavish’ which both felt like the sound A2 has come to be known for, he has now flipped expectations. Not only is this new track a complete 180 in terms of sound to those other two releases, but it’s also marked the start of a new campaign for A2.

He has announced on Instagram that he is sitting on two projects at the moment and ‘Take You’ is surely from one of them. Beyond announcing this and asking for supporters to decide which will drop first the only clue he has given is that our choices are either orange or green. Now this fits in theme with his past few series of releases of having projects being named after colours so I can go out on a limb here and say we can expect these projects to stay with that trend. So we can eagerly be awaiting ORANGE and GREEN.

As mentioned ‘Take You’ is a departure from A2‘s sound, this could be down to the new direction and influences on him that he’d announced earlier on Twitter.

This plays out in the track being much more uptempo than a typical release from him, and production wise it steps into completely new territory. This exploration of a new field is, of course, exciting for those who have followed A2‘s journey up to this point as it continues to show his evolution. As much as the tempo of the track and production aren’t typical for the South London star, his delivery is what remains familiar. He makes slight adjustments to his style to accommodate the production, but not so greatly that it feels like he’s lost himself. This mix of the familiarity of his delivery alongside working with different sounds bodes well for the upcoming pair of projects.

‘Take You’ is the release we didn’t know we needed from A2 and should leave fans wanting more, especially considering there are projects on the horizon. It leaves an air of mystery around what the projects will sound like which should help build anticipation. But we are still left in the safety of knowing that based on this release, they won’t amount to A2 losing himself in the pursuit of new sounds.

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