[@A2Artist] Has Been ‘SMOKEDOUT’ Ahead of the Release of All Spill

The elusive A2 is back again with ‘SMOKEDOUT’.

After he released a slew of projects last year, A2 took a slight break from releasing music, but clearly not recording. ‘SMOKEDOUT’ is very upbeat for an A2 track but it’s a nice change of pace. Having teased that he has a new project coming soon titled All Spill, to have a single seems like a sign it may be on the way sooner than we expect.

But then again, this is A2 we’re talking about, a man who teased his BLUE project for over 3 years. ‘SMOKEDOUT’ is a good sign, especially with A2 saying he was going to be flooding Spotify this year. So far this has been true as he has put a chunk of his old Soundcloud tracks on Spotify via the Them vs Us artist account. These appeared in addition to some newer tracks that only had visual releases like ‘I Need’. Hopefully he continues pairing up these re-releases with newer music.

The fact that he added a mini-video for ‘Southside’ shows some true fan service. This track was a fan favourite from his last project PURPLE ,so to get the benefit the visuals for this and the ‘SMOKEDOUT’ video is a double blessing. The visuals for both tracks are typical of A2 they aren’t overly flashy, and are focused on being the best fit or reflection of each track. Both feature smoky but strongly coloured visuals that somehow perfectly reflect the nature of the songs. Who knew music could evoke colours in the mind without actually mentioning them in this way? Well clearly A2 and CRE8TIVE EFFECTION did.

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Back to ‘SMOKEDOUT’ specifically. As mentioned it is uptempo, and as such is accompanied with a memorable and infectious hook. Add to this the patented laid back delivery and we have a track that could become an A2 classic. ‘SMOKEDOUT’ is definitely going to be a big hit with crowds at live shows. Braggadocio, solid lyrics, and excellent production – what more could you want?

“Met a genie made a wish/ I got powers on my side, tell me how I’m gonna miss”

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