[@AugustAlsina] Shuts Down O2 Indigo – [@KhadejiaG] Review

The closer I got to the O2 Indigo Arena I could hear an angelic voice spreading through the walls, the wonderful Tiana Major just finished her performance in front of the audience and the big bright blue lights.

Miss Major has just released a new video for her single ‘Levee’ which I presumed she performed on the 23rd.

Warming up the speakers, DJ Ace was on decks running bangers, from RnB to Rap to HipHop. He had the audience on lock until 20:45, this was when Angel appeared from the suspense stage in the back. Kicking off his vocals with the first song he sang to us ‘Hop on’ going onto perform ‘Take my number’ & ‘On the low’. Hearing all the ladies in the crowd pouring out their hearts was a feeling we all can resonate to until the West London rapper gave us a taster off of his new album. Angel described the new song he showcased as an “old school” vibe. As I looked around the arena everyone was in their own world appreciating the sounds and vocals coming from Angel and he did sound like an Angel.

As his set time came to a close, DJ Ace came into view of everyone who had their eyes gazed on the stage from Angel. He played straight old school for a good 20 minutes before DJ Era came to show London  what the USA was about.

After a good hour, two beautiful ladies in mesh material and silver glittery heeled boots struck on stage and I not going to lie, I was feeling super-duper excited. This man then dressed in red head to toe strolled on stage like he owned it. ‘Get ya money’, ‘Hip Hop’ & ‘Make it home’ to name a few was the opening tracks to get all the slow jamz out of the way in advance to the lively and upbeat records. ‘Numb’ was the ice –breaker (taken off the album Testimony). This was when the dancer’s hair was gaining more volume from the sweat and air and August took off his red tailored jacket. Introducing himself to the crowd in the middle of his set was probably a good idea to do as the crowd was hyped and forgot that they had to wait a couple of hours for the New Orleans star to come out.

Two tunes that I knew all the lyrics to and at this point I felt like his biggest fan was ‘Hold you down’ & ‘Do you mind’. This got to my heart, as much as I would have liked him to of got several reloads and for him to perform them all again, I also knew that curfew was at 11PM and it was around 22:45. I could smell a mixture of perfumes/aftershaves floating around me as the smell dripped off the fans but that didn’t faze me I just felt like the energy in the room was waiting for ‘No Love’, ‘Don’t Matter’ & of course his biggest track to date ‘I luv this shit’.

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When Era pressed play on the pioneers when each of these songs played it was over. I couldn’t hear myself think, a whole heap of inner energy in every bodies body came out of their soul.

Put it this way August didn’t need to even sing the songs, the crowd did it for him and it was a beautiful to experience.

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