AyChibs [@aychibs] is feeling ‘Grounded’

The multi-talented AyChibs drops visuals to UKG inspired track ‘Grounded’.

Having dropped the audio to ‘Grounded’ less than a week ago, there’s been some time to have got onto the track. But if you haven’t this is possibly an even better time to get on board now that there’s visuals to accompany it. I say that because AyChibs is multifaceted, besides being a musician he is a DJ, producer, radio show host, and most importantly in this instance a visual artist.

The video definitely makes use of that as although only a simple set was used it allowed for quite a lot of freedom and room to work with in the edit. The use of colour is great and it’s mellow but ever changing lighting feel in sync with the track. It both mimics the laid back nature the productions melody has as well as the club environment this track would live in. Beyond that what really comes through in the visuals is that Chibs and the team just had fun with the filming, it doesn’t take itself too seriously but that is exactly the vibe of the song itself.

As mentioned ‘Grounded’ definitely has the UKG element to it, but it’s refreshing amongst the musical climate and needed. It is very mellow but in the best possible way, it makes the song feel versatile. It isn’t a track for just one specific situation. You could revise to it, go on a run, play it in a club, have it as a driving soundtrack and so much more. Its jovial nature is infectious and the track won’t take long to grow on you.

The track brings together 3 other collaborators besides AyChibs to pull it together. After Chibs sent the record to Weyland Mckenzie and Careless:

“a week later they both sent me back their versions of the track (which I wasn’t expecting) and I loved them both. I decided to put Weyland’s (with Penny Morr’s verse) and Careless’ version together to make one super smash hit song.”

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And that’s exactly what they did. The additional vocals from Penny Morr aren’t to be slept on despite them not being the main attraction with on this occasion, with Weyland providing the verses. That blend of the collective’s ideas came to fruition to create a track that anyone could enjoy.

You can stream ‘Grounded’ here, and also checkout Careless‘ re-released banger ‘PNV’ here.

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