Behind The Lens , The New Documentary by [@OlaChristian]

The title Behind The Lens connotes the idea of what goes on behind the scenes. Different elements such as production, finances, family issues, mental health, lack of diversity and lack of representation are problems us filmmakers face within the industry. The documentary looks to pull back the curtain and gain a deeper understanding of issues we encounter within the world of TV & Film. – Olaitan Olaoye
Left Levile TV Founder  Olaitan Olaoye & Right Actor Nathan Hector

Levile TV presents ‘Behind the Lens’ , a documentary giving you an insight into what it’s really like being a BAME (Black , Asain & Minority ethnic) talent working in the television and film industry in the UK.  If you grew up in the UK then it’s very evident that there’s a  lack of shows/ films that represent the true ethnic pool of the UK on our television sets. This means a lack of representation but it also makes you wonder , can members of the BAME community actually have a fulfilling career in the television and film industry in the UK?

I come from an acting background. I’ve studied, trained and worked professionally as an actor but I became very disheartened by the lack of opportunities afforded to my peers which led to me forming my company Levile TV. The platform has afforded many opportunities for creatives, young people & females to gain advice on how to kick start their careers in the TV & Film industry. – Olaitan Olaoye
Actor Femi Oyeniran

A documentary that focuses on the current climate of diversity on our television screens seems trivial but in fact it’s the complete opposite. There is simply not enough opportunities being created for the BAME community within television. With London being one of the most diverse cities in the world , it’s hard to come to terms with why there is  hardly any television/film productions that represent the generation of today. Documentary’s such as Behind The Lens  simply reminds the world that there is still a long journey for BAME creatives in the field of Film and Television.

“I want this documentary to offer an insight into what it is really like for BAME talent to work in the UK industry. The talent selected have reached a certain level of success in their careers and provide RAW, real meaningful quotes throughout this documentary for the next generation of creatives wanting to work in the industry”.  – Olaitan Olaoye
Actress Bunmi Mojekwu


Olaitan has gathered some of the most exposed BAME talents in the UK television/film industry to speak their truth on what it’s like being apart of the UK television/film industry. With so many people wanting to pursue a career in television in the UK but so little roles to play this documentary will take you behind the lens to bring to light some of the industries secrets. Some of the talents that took part in the documentary include Femi Oyeniran – The Intent, Kidulthood, Anuvahood, Sebastian Thiel – BBC, Just A Couple, Bunmi Mojekwu – Eastenders (As Mercy), Andy Amadi – Bk Chat Creator, Viceland, Michelle Owusu – Channel 4/Scene TV, Jenny Gleeman – The Guardian, Nathan Hector – Actor, The Weekend (Netflix) and many more.

The screening of the full documentary will be taking place in November , so keep an eye on Levile TV Socials to stay updated!

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