We Caught Up @SophiaTassew At The #RIOTGAL Exhibition

#RIOTGAL The exhibition that had everyone talking.


The sign outside the Hospital Club reads ‘Mandem Need Feminism’ and isn’t that the truth! Shannie the PR & Talent Scout at GUAP had the absolute pleasure to have a sit down and catch up with the curator of Riotgal, Sophia Tassew and tell us why she decided to start it all in the first place.


So tell us, why Riotgal?

This was something really close to my heart and the original movement; ‘Riot grrrl’ was amazing however women of colour couldn’t access this, as they didn’t have it at their forefront. So I really just thought we needed to do more and create more action in this social climate that we currently live in for women and so the birth of Riotgal.


Who or what is your inspiration?


I don’t have a particular icon per say, but It is the people I am surrounded by and the culture I’m in.  It’s all about the reaction I get and that could be from young people of any race, that’s what inspires me.


How important is this movement to you?


On a scale of 1-10 it’s definitely 11. I would love to turn this into anything and everything and create real change; it’s not about nice pictures in a nice venue but making real significant change. This is a movement for all people.


How important is it to get young people involved? 


I don’t want to be the spokesperson for everyone out there but I just want people to know that they can and should follow their heart. They should just realise that anything is possible. Education is important but not taking the higher educational route has worked out for me.


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You’ve worked in corporate establishments before, how important is it to raise awareness of these issues and fuse the two?


I want to scream and shout if I’m not heard. I’m not happy with marketing and advertising right now because it needs to be more authentic and I want it to be done properly so I’m for the culture and I’m all about doing it properly!

Thank you – We appreciate this.


Guap attended the two-day RIOTGAL events, the panel discussion and exhibition and can honestly say the talent in the room, the speakers and everyone involved were phenomenal and we support it all the way!


Sophia: Big shout out to the Hospital Club, and everyone who has supported the movement #RIOTGAL. Let everyone know it’s okay to stand up for a cause, own it and be proud!

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