GUAP Female 30 – 30 Women you should know!

GUAP Female 30 – 30 Women you should know!
  • Let’s shed light on some amazing females In respect to International Women’s Day.

1. Rebecca Judd [@rebecca_judd) – Radio Presenter at Westside Radio.

This radio Host and personality, emphasis on the personality, has gone from strength to strength after choosing not to attend Uni to peruse her dream. Her show on Westside has quickly become one of the stations main attractions, leading her to receive an award for ‘Best Presenter’ at last year’s UK Entertainment Awards.

2. Jusnah Gadi [@Diamond_London] – Founder of Young Music Boss

Music Entrepreneur and founder of Young Music Boss, a resource hub and network building tool for young music entrepreneurs and creatives. Her quarterly Meritocracy dinner series, run in partnership with UK Music and the MMF, has helped bring together key creatives in the music industry. With a YMB Awards ceremony in the works, this year looks bright for her.

3. Anne-Marie Imafidon [@aimafidon]

This CEO and community activist is founder of Stemettes, an organisation aimed to build a pipeline of young women going into STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering & Maths) careers. In 2016, she was recognised by HM Queen and honoured with an MBE as recognition for her achievements.

4. Kaiya Milan [@kaiyamilan] – Artist Manager

  1. Kaiya Milan is an artist manager based in London, England. She currently manages two artists, including contemporary poet Kojey Radical, Zulu & Shaes Universe. Kaiya also runs creative collective The Sorority House, which aims to connect, celebrate and inform women and construct a shared sisterhood mentality.
  2. 5. Thea Gajic [@theagajic] – Actor 
  3. This young creative really does have the eye of the tiger and the heart of a lion.As if being an actress isn’t enough this special lady has been making a name for herself behind the camera too, directing and creating her own motion pictures.
  4. 6. Vanessa Sanyauke [@vanessasanyauke] – Founder of Girls Talk London
  5. The founder of Girlstalk London a platform that allows young millennial women to gain new opportunities, through mentoring, events and work experience. Girlstalk London operates across the U.K, Vanessa is also passionate about getting young girls getting into S.T.E.M, music and media.
  6. 7. Julie Adenuga [@julieadenuga] – Beats 1 Radio Presenter & DJ
  7. Julie heads up the London Headquarters for Beats1 which streams across 100 different countries worldwide. Julie is a well known public figure in the music industry and also featured on Forbes 30 under 30 this year as an anchor for our generation and time.
  8. 8. Sophia Thassew [@sophiathassew] – Founder and Curator of Riotgal.
  9. Founder and curator of the riot gal exhibition, Sophia also curated 140 bpm a grime exhibition in partnership with converse. She was previously an art director at FCB inferno a creative advertising agency in London. Sophia is passionate about intersectional feminism and continuously creates work that represents that.
  10. 9. Christina Okorocha [@christinaOK] – Founder of Vamp UK & CO-Founder of Trim It App
  11. The founder of Vamp U.K a social media strategy company that was founded during the time that Christina was in university and wanted to do something different and something that represented black women especially. She also manages make-up/youtube (Mariam Musa), Christina also does Marketing for Trim-it app as well as being a co founder.
  12. 10. Charmaine Hayden [@chamsface4music] – Co-Founder of Face4Music
  1. Chams is the founder of renowned London modelling agency Face 4 music, an award winning modelling agency. Chams is also the founder of Goal digger power circle which is an organisation that essentially is set up to empower women no matter their background and uplift them..
  2. 11. Nadine Artois & Skye [@pvssypalac3] – Founders of Pussy Palace
  1. The ultimate girl gang have brought life and positivity to the London nightclubs through their parties which aims to create safe spaces for everybody, especially those from the LGBT community, spreading love and fun vibes. They also throw charity events in which proceedings from their nights go back to Charites. The girls show us the influence nightclubs can have on making a positive difference in the world.
  2. 12. Imrie & Satia [@MelaninMille] – Founders of Melalin Millenials
  1. The duo made up of Imrie and Satia have given a new meaning to Podcasting by bringing a vibrant, witty and enthusiastic approach to their podcasts. Remaining unapologetically free and tackling socio-political issues and pop culture the girls provide an easy listening experience for podcast enthusiasts.
  2. 13. Hannah Hill [@Hanecdote] – Artist

Fine art student, feminist embroiderer, body positive activist and grime enthusiast. Hannah Hill uses her artistic skills to send positive messages and express her views on social/political issues as well as sharing her love of music through her embroidery, adding a little more love into the world.

14. Liv Little [@livlittle] – Founder of GAL-DEM Magazine

The editor- in- chief of Gal-dem, a magazine for women of colour and ran by women of colour. The magazine has gone from strength to strength, shutting down the V&A and creating a space to champion and celebrate the diversity amongst ethnic women.

15. Sian Anderson [@siananderson] – DJ at BBC 1xtra

A grime pioneer, radio presenter, journalist, DJ and Founder of Sigh Tracked, Sian Anderson has continued to be an inspiration to women all around. A legend undoubtedly, she has her eyes and ears firmly on the rising talent in grime whilst supporting and mentoring aspiring presenters.

16. Kieran Yates [@kieran_yates] – Writer

A strong individual who believes in writing and researching, doing it for the culture. Kieran is a freelance journalist. She has also worked with BBC, Dazedand the guardian. Today Kieran sat down with singer NAO talking women music and life. Thats not even a quarter of what she does.

17. Gracie Victory [@gracefvictory] – Youtuber

Body positive Youtuber Gracie has a whopping 215k subscribers on her Youtube channel where she gives advice and lifestyle based videos, discusses sex, mental health and self-love. Nicknamed ‘The Internet’s Big Sister’ Gracie teaches all young women it is okay to be in your own skin and how to embrace who we are as women. Not to mention she is flaunting her amazing self in Nike’s new plus size range.

18. Nicole Crentsil [@nkrystal] – Curator

The curator behind Unmasked Women, an exhibition that explores the black British female  experience through creatives. Nicole provides a platform which sparks conversation about mental health within the black community whilst allowing creatives to showcase their work and support their development.

19. Rasheeda [@sheedamelesse] – Founder of Revolyoution & Motivational Speaker

The founder of RevolYOUtion and spoken word poet, Rasheeda helps transform and engage young people through conversation and offers mentoring to elevate communities and the lives of the youth.

20. Raine Allen [@RaineAM] – Video Director

The creative behind one of the most iconic adverts on TVs today (follow her socials and google it). A director now at one the leading production companies Somesuch. Raine is one hell of a woman.

21. Dazhane Leah [@dazhaneleah] – Blogger & Photographer

19 Year Old Dazhane Leah, is an emerging blogger and photographer who has a following of over 70k online and has been featured in major publications, such as the Sun & BBC for her photography which challenges stigmas faced in society.

22. Danika Magdalena [@maddoluu] – Photographer aka Sirius.Film

Using social media, Danika has managed to build a career from posting her captivating photos. All taken on film, she has become one of the industry’s go to photographers for brands including Fila, Kappa and more. She has also just released an amazing project called “Girls Don’t Cry”.

23. Naomi Kaji [@naomikaji] – Model

Not many models can say they have been the face of a campaign for selfridges independently. Well this is Naomi Kaji from Tottenham who is set to be one of the biggest black models to come out of London.

24. Katy Sade [@katysade] – Founder of Public Ambition PR

West London’s PR whiz kid and fashion influencer Katy Sade has built a highly reputed company in waters not many young entrepreneurs venture. Growing up, Katy took in the culture of her surroundings, using it to inspire her to start her own public relations company Public Ambitions PR which offers promotional solutions to a thriving inner city fashion scene.

25. Dior Bediako – Founder of Pepper Your Talk

Dior- the ex Burberry client who has now crested her own company and platform Pepper Your Talk for the future of the fashion industry.

26. Sade Akinfe [@thatsoshay_] – Radio Presenter & Music Editor

With a background in influencer marketing, Shay is responsible for hooking up some of your favourite creatives with Adidas. Now a radio presenter, this savvy female is on the rise of being the number one plug for alternative sounds. She is also GUAP’S very own music editor!

27. In Bloom [@weareinbloom] – Creative Collective

The all female collective changing the game for creative, built off friendship love and talent & already doing work for brands like Nike and Converse

28. Saie [@theafroromantic] – Singer

A.K.A The Afro-Romantic is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter that has been enchanting the streets of London with her soulful melodies. Performing at gigs such as the world’s leading Woman’s health specialist Queen Afua London Showcase. Her stance on self-love and black empowerment is strong yet truly charismatic and her cool and quirky visuals make her a strong contender this year.

29. Shanice Mears [@shanniemears] – Co Founder of The Elephant Room & Talent & Pr at GUAP Magazine

Originally from Birmingham, Shanice migrated to London to pursue a career in the creative industry. Whilst interning at one of the UKs largest marketing agencies, she showed so much potential, the CEO left to set up his own marketing venture (The Elephant Room) and took Shanice on board as co-founder. All this whist also making history with GUAP as our very own talent and PR rep.

30. The Slumflower [@theslumflower] – Blogger & Public Speaker

What started off as a simple expression of her creativity has seen her interest in fashion and visual arts turn into a fierce and well-known brand. She’s been featured in publications such as CNN, London Evening Standard, i-D Magazine, Vogue Italia and more all before graduating from university.