[@DeeWain33] pays homage to British music in innovative music video ‘Energy’

Rapper Deewain pays homage to British music in innovative music video for his single ‘Energy’ 

‘Energy’ quickly catches the ear with its solid beats and pulsing high hats and the music video makes the track even better.

Deewain has been on the GUAP radar for a few years now. His first project ‘Sense of Entitlement’ showed his versatility in blending genres, specifically hip hop and R&B. But his last project ‘Be Safe Tho’ is a necessary musical evolution and touches on themes of mental health, manhood and lust.

Listening to the audio alone, Deewain talks about the impact that your mentality has in reaching your dreams. A common topic perhaps, but in the delivery of each line it feels like he hits a different spot in the atmosphere.

“Energy is about being safe in love, ego and the energy you put out. I believe that our thoughts become things”

The video however take his concept to a higher level.

Recreating the album art made up of some of the legends in British music (Skepta, Stormzy & Wretch) as he spits “Please do not fuck with my energy, I’m on my way to my legacy” is profound.


I asked him how the idea came about, he said:

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“I studied those artists, I’m a big fan, to make these high quality albums they must have had this energy about them, that’s what I tried to encapsulate”

Deewain pays homage to the greats in a remarkable way and it’s his creativity that will propel and sustain his long career in music. This young rapper has vision and it is bigger than him.

In the midst of another rise in Black British music  comes a diamond in the rough hiding just below the surface; Deewain is a legend in the making.


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