EAUXMAR & TAHIR Share New Video for Song “Vexed Into Bliss”: Watch

Amsterdam-based producer and visual artist, EAUXMAR is joined by Tottenham-born TAHIR to bring us “Vexed Into Bliss”. Listening to the single is like hopping onto a passing cloud of TAHIR’s misty vocals as they drift harmoniously over EAUXMAR’s jungle-steeped production.

The director, Bior Elliott, creates visuals that evoke an avant-garde depiction of the enlightened track’s performance donning a contrasting black fit against the strikingly red setting, commanding immediate attention from the consumer, much like the track itself.

Speaking on the single EAUXMAR commented, “The project came about out of the blue, around the time when COVID spread and I came in contact with TAHIR. We got in touch online and I really liked his music – I had two instrumentals that I felt missed something and I figured it would be perfect for his vocals. We both liked the idea of portraying our two sides on the tracks.”

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