Ego Kills: Avelino [@officialAvelino]

You’ve probably heard that ego is the downfall of man but have you ever heard that Ego Kills?

Ego is one of those things that gets a bad rep a lot of the time and Ego Kills sounds like it falls into that same school of thought. It turns out however that for Avelino ego is a thing of duality. It’s good and evil constantly tipping the scales in one direction or the other and something that needs to be put in check or in his words “balance”. The ego defines who we are as individuals, but if you follow it too far it can have serious consequences, sometimes even fatal.

Avelino tapped into this ‘Ego Kills’ train of thought after the pandemic hit. With him being an artist his lifestyle was typically fast paced, things always happening, and him being out at different places a lot of the time. With that type of pace, there isn’t always time to think as deeply as you could because there are always obligations to be fulfilled – so occasionally things can slide or end up on autopilot.

A big one a lot of people can relate to is familial relationships – this pandemic made people appreciate those even more than before and allowed people the time to really hone in and improve them. For Avelino it was no different, his relationships with his family weren’t bad by any means, but it wasn’t until he could slow down that he really tapped into making them as great as they could be.

Ego doesn’t just come from nowhere and its influence can’t be understated or overlooked, “without it, we’re no one. It tells me I’m Avelino. The ego’s what tells me when I wake up I’m going to be able to do the things I do. The ego’s what told Mike Tyson he was Mike Tyson whilst he was still a young boy. The ego’s what told Cristiano Ronaldo “I’m Cristiano Ronaldo”…the ego is your sense of self-importance, without it you don’t make it. It’s as simple as that.” It is the thing that lets Avelino know he is one of the greatest of all time in his field.

Avelino brings all of that energy and more to Ego Kills, a project that if you listen to only in passing would seem like a collection of Rap’s tropes. In reality, it is a deep dive into the mind of Avelino. The confusion could potentially arise as despite his lyrical skill he’s able to balance it with the ability to make great songs – which is a skill many would wish to have. Wretch 32, one of Avelino’s closest mentors and friends, echoed this point in a message he sent to Avelino which is a testament to his talent as Wretch is a legend and master of that same skill in his own right.

One day Avelino is going to stop, but that won’t be anytime soon. So until he stops he wasn’t to ensure that his legacy is one of good intentions and one that will live on long beyond himself. His aim is to empower people to be themselves and make them aware that doing that will be the most fulfilling thing they could do for themselves. For Avelino being himself was tapping into his ego to know that when he rapped he was one of the greatest. He stands as the very example of what he is encouraging other people to do. On the one hand, Ego Kills but on the other when it empowers individuals, ego frees.

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Stream Avelino‘s Ego Kills here and check out our interview with him below.

Creative Director & Producer: Zweli Chibumba
Videographer & Editor: Sam Adjaye
Photographer: Terna Jogo
Stylist: El-shaddai Nyagodzi

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