GUAP Interviews: At Home Fitness Instructor & Health Enthusiast, Esé Kalusi, For The Isolation Issue

Esé Kalusi

Over the last few months, the Covid:19 lockdown has affected the lives of millions of people all over the country. However, in the midst of the fear and confusion, came an army of young creatives who came to entertain, inspire, and motivate the masses. This cover is called the ‘Isolation Issue’ because it was created in the thick of the Covid:19 lockdown. We worked with talented photographers to shoot individuals via face-time and had the opportunity, to speak to them about the impacts of Covid:19 on their creativity. We had the chance to interview and feature at home fitness instructor & health enthusiast, Esé Kalusi, for the Isolation Issue.

Esé Kalusi
Yumi Codner

Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Esé Kalusi and I am Nigerian but born and bred in South East London. I specialise in Online Home-workouts for women which focuses on Body, Mind, and Spirit.

What inspired you to do what you do?

I would always workout at home alone and I started to see results physically and mentally, so I thought why not share it with other women because it had changed my life so much. It gave me discipline in other areas of my life and helped my mental health.

How has covid:19 affected your work?

It’s weird, it didn’t affect it much because I already make videos at home. I guess it gave my work more exposure because people had to work out at home due to gyms closing.

What was the biggest challenge of working from home whilst in self-isolation?

I’ve grown to quite like it, but probably becI think my biggest challenge was balancing university with all the social media things I do. All Lectures, exams and essays were done online, and it was difficult finding the motivation. I’m in my final year as well so there was a lot of pressure.

On a day to day, how do you balance a personal and professional life, especially now that you’re working in quarantine?

I try to work in slots and after those time frames, I try not to think about work. The first hour of the morning and the last hour of the day I try to not use my phone! Taking a walk when things get overwhelming.

What are some of the highlights/successes you’ve had most recently?

Working out with hundreds of girls on Instagram Live during quarantine, starting my own business, and selling out! And 100% being on GUAPs magazine cover.

What’s next for you on your journey?

I want to help more women become the best versions of themselves and I want to set up a few more business ideas I have!

What would be your advice to other creatives, struggling to maintain creativity and motivation in isolation?

Take time for yourself. Make your mental health a priority. Just because everyone is posting online themselves being “productive” doesn’t mean you have to. Remember you’re on your own journey. Do one thing each day your future self will thank you for. 

What have you learnt about yourself and the world whilst in isolation?

I’ve learned that I actually need a structure and plan for my days. Without this, I end up procrastinating and just letting the day take me wherever it wants. The world, I’ve learned with all the deaths that we have witnessed that life is too short to spend it in fear, worry, and doubt. Chase your dreams before it is too late!

How do you hope our society will change for the better after COVID -19?

I hope society doesn’t go back to Work, Sleep, Eat Repeat. I hope whilst people were at home, they found what they loved and decide to pursue it further. I hope jobs incorporate more at home working days so people are able to spend more time with their families. 

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