[@EttaBond] drops ‘Let Me Hit It’

The underground’s soul sensation, Etta Bond, follows up her early summer success with sexually liberational anthem ‘Let Me Hit It’

Off the back of the huge wave of support behind her previous single ‘Surface’, Ms. Bond has given the public another gem in ‘Let Me Hit It’. This is a work rate that we can only hope continues from Etta and solidifies her musical hiatus is truly over. ‘Let Me Hit It’ is a bit more uptempo than ‘Surface’ but again shares the same level of introspective and thoughtful subject matter. The track subverts traditional gender roles, with Etta being the confident and sexual leader in the interaction asking:

“When you gon’ let me hit it?”

We don’t get the answer in the song itself, but the visuals show a carefree Etta doing her fair share of bed hopping in a just under 3-minute video. But alongside this candid message and character, we get some more intimate lines that tread a fine line between love and lust as well as expressions of tentativeness or fear towards the situation. This is typical from her as that heart on the sleeve, bare all thoughts, approach is what makes Etta stand out so much.

As touched upon before the track is quite subversive and purposefully so. Etta has never been shy in expressing herself or the fact that she is an advocate in changing the way people think about women. She is equal parts unashamedly confident, sexually forward, and vulnerable – but she’s even confident in expressing that vulnerability. The track mirrors those aspects of her and is almost a sign to further prove to women that it’s okay to be any of those things, they are not characteristics that should be shied away from or to be expected only from men. The visuals also complement this with the aforementioned bed hopping with Etta leading most of those encounters, but also in the fact that in the entirety of the video Etta is in her underwear. Not in an overly sexualized way either, it just comes across as being genuinely comfortable in her own skin no matter what setting she’s placed in.

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All in all, it’s a great follow up release and sets a good tone for a project which I expect is coming sooner than we may think. Keep an ear out for Etta for the remainder of the year as I can expect she will continue to pop up on your radar.

You can stream ‘Let Me Hit It’ here.

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