Get to know [@iamtaet] as she drops her debut single ‘Sorry’

London singer/songwriter Taet, drops her debut single ‘Sorry’.

‘Sorry’ is the first introduction into the world of the 20-year-old who’s sound is a blend of pop and soul.

Speaking on the track Taet states: “ I wrote sorry about a guy I was seeing and we had an argument and I knew deep down he didn’t care and that he was going to mess me around. But you now when you like someone it’s hard to let go.”

She adds: “I feel like ‘Sorry’ is a song that we can all relate to, you either have or have a friend who has been in a situation where they keep going back to something they know is not good for them. It’s sort of an apology to myself.”

Discovering her talent very early, she became a full-time student at the prestigious Syliva Young Theatre School, home to some of Britain’s biggest stars like Amy Winehouse and Rita Ora.

Already off to a great start the singer/songwriter has already recorded with some of the industry’s most exciting producers such as  Nana Rouges, Rymez and Example thus confirming her incredible talent.

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Listen to ‘Sorry’ above.

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