Get to know [@prettyboyDO] the visionary making waves in the Alte scene

If you don’t know who Prettyboy D-O is, you really need to and fast.

Prettyboy D-O is an enigma, there’s simply no other way to describe him. Beneath the rockstar front, there is a measured approach driven by his hunger to constantly improve on what he has already done. The latest in a line of stars from the burgeoning Alte scene, he has had a rather nomadic upbringing which contributes to his musical depth. Rap, Dancehall, R&B and more are all tied together with African rhythm in his music. He’s already been praised by several tastemaking platforms and has even teamed up with Childish Gambino’s creative director Ibra Ake to further develop his identity on the global stage. 

On set, D-O is the most laid back person. When not shooting he was almost unassuming, vibing to whatever music was on and quietly having conversations but as soon as it was time to work he came alive. He largely needed no direction in terms of posing and his energy, as soon as the camera was on, was infectious. His presence in front of the camera embodied the rockstar look that he naturally has because of stylistic choices like the Dennis Rodman inspired hair and the star power was undeniable.

Zweli: How did you get the name Prettyboy D-O?

D-O: My mum used to call me “pretty” when I was younger so I always had that as a nickname, even my baby sister used to call me “pretty”. But I’d say in 2017, one of my cousins asked why do I have that name as my username and I’m like “it’s my mum and my sister”. He was like ‘yo you should use that name’ so I just started using it from there and boom.

Zweli: Your first project really pushed you into the limelight, how did it feel to get that response to the project?

D-O: I was very happy, very happy…I kind of expected it though I won’t lie, just because it was my first project. But I was happy with the reception and wasn’t too surprised. It made me feel like I have to do better than this, which is something I always say but I was happy because I was working very hard at the time and I still am. 

Zweli: You followed that up this year with your project Wildfire, what was the biggest inspiration behind the project?

D-O: Anger, Nigeria, the insanity in my country causes you, and I’d say not giving a f**k. At that period I was like ‘f**k everybody, I don’t care what they tell me in this industry’.

Zweli: How do you keep your sound staying so different all the time?

D-O: I just keep working. I kind of do it on purpose, it’s [intended] l for me to sound different to how anybody else is sounding. And I pray – pray and work.

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Zweli: What can we expect next from you?

D-O: More projects. I want to drop two projects next year, one album. Just more fire, they can’t stop us so just more fire and more inspiration for my people.


Interview, words & production: Zweli Chibumba
Photography: Shenell Kennedy
Stylist: El-shaddai Nyagodzi
Stylist Assistant: Diane

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