Ghanaian Artist Kofi Mole [@Kofi_Mole] Touches On Social Injustice On This Week’s #MoleMondays

Every Monday Ghanaian Hip-Hop and Afrobeats artist drops a freestyle, known as #MoleMondays with this weeks being titled as “Africa”. This episode brought to light heavy topics which must be addressed by individuals of influence, especially in the music industry. Over the past few weeks, we have watched the world protest against the unlawfully and callous killing of George Floyd in the United States. Mole opens the episode stating that the world is not safe, further explaining how people are being killed due to their race. Although the artist currently lives in Ghana, the growing fears of those that live in the diaspora are certainly not ignored. Activists, artists and people of influence around the world stand in solidarity with the racial discrimination Black people face; which is apparent in Mole’s insightful episode. 

The voice of African artists with such influence sends a heart-felt message that his fans around the world will appreciate. In addition to racial discrimination, the artist speaks on rape and how women are silenced to not speak up. In 2019, the Independent reported that only 1.7% of rape cases reported in England and Wales resulted in a charge or summons. South African newspaper The Citizen stated that in South Africa on average 114 rapes were recorded by the police daily in 2018/19. This arguably shows the shocking rate and injustice those that are raped face in Africa and Europe. 
Women being silenced worldwide is a known issue which was brought to light on Twitter in 2017, following sexual allegations causing a social movement. Men and women came forward on Twitter hashtagging #MeToo sharing their own sexual assault stories, by letting abusers know that their time was up. The artist with currently over 704k followers on Instagram has utilised his platform in a commendable way, choosing to dedicate an episode to discussing issues that are likely to impact his audience, through his weekly Monday freestyle session. 

Kofi Mole as a young Black man shares in the episode how he feels the system is not set up for him, going onto say how he only feels safe when his mother prays for him. The lack of opportunity for Black men is mentioned by the artist, highlighting the frustration shared by men who may not have the accessibility and resources to opportunities they may qualify for within the continent. Mole states how Africa as continent is blessed with numerous natural resources, stating coco and gold amongst the list. However, continues to express his concern over the continent and how these assets are not being utilised to its full potential. The artists acknowledges that the more these issues are raised, the worst they seem to be as we begin to dig deeper into this topic. 

Kofi Mole is a creative and talented artist who sheds light on various topics through music. This week the artist has shown his dedication and willingness to share music that connects and empowers his fans worldwide. 

Watch this week’s episode of #MoleMonday’s below:

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