Meet Three Individuals Embracing Gender-Neutral Styling With Dr. Martens

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Dr. Martens have been synonymous with rebellious self expression and anyone with a story that’s different from the norm. We teamed up with them and three individuals who are unapologetically themselves, each with unique styles to explore how they would wear the DMs Headliners collection.

This year Dr. Martens celebrates the 60th anniversary of its first iconic shoe, the 1460 boot, which grew in popularity for its quality build, durability and comfort but also its history of being adopted by numerous subcultures, music artists and festival goers.

Over the years Dr. Martens have become representative of progressive forward thinking and embracing new norms which is reflected in the range of unisex styles in their shoe ranges.

The DMs Headliners combine the 1460, 1461, 2976, Jadon, Sinclair and Bex styles showcasing the how the Dr. Martens Originals have adapted with the latest platform styles. The collection signifies a bold evolution for Dr. Martens showing how they are still adventurous and still daring for their 60th year.

We met Haruna, Nan and Jojo to find out how Dr. Martens have shaped their individual styles in a world that is increasingly rejecting labels and embracing fluid self expression as well as what originality means to them.


Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Haruna Jebak and I am a model and stylist based in London. I have been modelling for three years and recently started styling shoots and I have work coming out soon.

What does being original mean to you?
I don’t think anyone is original if I am honest but I would say that originality is built on the combination of raw ideas and the way you present it to the world. Even if it’s your own appearance that has to be different and catered to your experiences and your target audience.

What are your thoughts on gender-neutral dressing?
I feel that everyone should be more comfortable with their dress sense and gender-neutral and unisex dressing is the way forward.

What does Dr. Martens mean to you?
Dr. Martens is one of my favourite brands and a staple shoe for the UK. The brand has kept the same identity of being very bold. If you wear docs you’re trying to make a statement.


Nan wears the Sinclair Leather Platform Boots

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Nan Mthembu, I’m 22 and currently work in retail as an assistant department manager.

What are your thoughts on gender neutral dressing?
I believe all clothing is gender neutral. Pieces of material and cloth cannot have a gender. Society’s rules, expectations and stereotypes give clothing gender. I think that gender-neutral clothing is important because it allows you to present in a way that’s free of and challenges those stereotypes and expectations. I feel that gender-neutral dressing lets you wear clothes as clothes and helps end the role of clothing as another form of conformity and restriction. As someone who’s nonbinary, this way of dressing is refreshing and significant.

What does self-expression mean to you?
Everyone is an individual and being able to show what makes you special and what makes you you is such an amazing thing. I feel privileged whenever I see people truly express themselves because I get a sneak peak into that person’s story and character. That individuality and expression puts colour into my world.

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What does Dr Martens mean to you?
With Dr. Martens having some roots in the alternative scene, to me their shoes represent unapologetic expression, rebellion and tenacity. Dr. Martens represent more than just an aesthetic but a willingness to stand out and stand strong.


Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Jojo Vandalkidd, I’m a brand strategist. I work with brands to develop proposals for collaborations, campaign rollouts,  or improving internal business structures. 

What does being an original mean to you?
Being original means expressing yourself in the way that feels true to you. This doesn’t mean you won’t look or dress like anyone else but more it will be done in a way that you wanted. It means expressing yourself exactly as you see yourself rather than someone else’s interpretation of you. 

What are your thoughts on gender-neutral dressing? 

Gender-Neutral dressing is something that I feel should be a norm. In my view it has always been present- people should be able to dress according to how they feel rather than whatever exterior they present. Particular cuts, colours, and styles shouldn’t be attributed to a gender. 

What does Dr. Martens mean to you? 
Dr. Martens was the first brand that allowed me to express my androgynous style. Being able to wear these punk boots with any clothing and feel both masculine and feminine energy really allowed it to become a staple in my wardrobe. For me Dr. Martens embodies self expression- its not tied to one particular gender or style and will always be my go-to for shoes. Dr. Marten offers so much variety so you are able to remain true to your style without feeling like you’re conforming simply because you are wearing a popular brand. 

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