Guestmix: Dexter’s Lab Vol.1 [@dexterintheclub]

This Dexter’s Lab has everything to do with the science of a good mix and nothing to do with Cartoon Network,

Dexter is a name you will likely see popping up all over the place soon enough. Although still relatively new, he’s already had some big opportunities for example he was on the line up at Tiffany Calver‘s recent night at Village Underground. Today he launches his Dexter’s Lab mix, which is his debut public mix and blends some of the best Drill and Rap from the UK & US. Ahead of the mix coming out we wanted to speak to Dex to find out a bit more about him and his journey.

Where did the Dexter In The Club name come from?

I was looking for a name, and one day I was just relaxing at home, and heard the song ‘Dexter’ by Django & 30 and knew straight away it was the name. Then the In The Club part just came naturally when I was thinking of names for my socials, and I happened to be listening to ‘Aint About The Money’ by Young Thug & T.I, and I heard that ‘We Got London On The Track’ producer tag and instantly just thought “We Got Dexter In The Club”.

How did you get into DJ’ing?

I was really just trying out loads of stuff and looking for something to do with my spare time when I first moved to London, I tried playing with some decks at a party when the DJ had gone to the toilet and I just knew straight away I loved it, so I went and bought a deck the next day. 

Whats one thing you have learnt since being a DJ? 

London is actually a really small place, and everyone knows everyone. 

What’s your go-to track?

M1llionz – ‘YPREE’

Tips for upcoming DJ’s?

Networking is really important. Focus on your craft and network with good people and the rest should come naturally. Also, don’t focus on perfection for mixes because the music world is constantly changing, so your mixes will always have new things you could add (Sometimes you have to call it a day and wrap up a mix, instead of adding new songs when something new gets dropped).

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What can people expect from your mix?

High energy! If people don’t want to go crazy and moshpit in their houses when it is playing then I’ve done something wrong. 

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

Mountain Dew, but those special coloured American ones .. it keeps me awake during my overnight DJ sessions at the studio.

What’s the next thing you want to achieve in your career?

I would love to put on a sick live show with some fire acts .. I have some in mind and have been sorting some stuff but the people will just have to wait and see who I bring out! 

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