[@jamilahbarry] is a star in the making in debut video ‘Closer’

As a music publication, you can only imagine the number of new artists that contact Guap each day. Some artists however, stand out more than others.

Some artists have something unspeakable, something familiar yet intriguing.

Jamilah Barry is one of those artists.

Today I share Jamilah Barry’s debut music video for her single “CLOSER”.

In it Jamilah walks around the not-so-familar environment of a snow capped mountain while she sings a sweet sweet tune.

Jamilah’s vocals glide over the jazz and hip hop influenced beat, while an electric bass keeps the groove going between her phrases.

Jamilah’s performance on “CLOSER” is a reminder that across the pond we have our own R&B scene. If British R&B continues to push out music to the same quality of “CLOSER” then we are in for a fantastic 2018.

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