[@jevon_official], [@diggy_simmons] & [@KidaKingin] Join Forces For ‘Lingo’

‘Lingo’ is a track which I feel will not only be a hard-hitting summer anthem, but will also be playing at festivals and every rave you attend from now on. The two London based rappers Jevon & Kida Kudz  linked up with the American rapper and reality star, Diggy Simmons, to add a UK twist to the Afro beat track ‘Lingo‘. The instrumental is upbeat and bouncy, it makes you want to shake a leg left right and centre! Or be free and let yourself go which is what we look for in a song!

There is no video to the track yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how the three artists will link up to create a quality music video that crosses over the two countries. In Jevon’s previous videos, the visuals are very bright and creative, so perhaps the director will implement this in the ‘Lingo’ visuals. That is, if there is a video en route.

It’s quite rare to have a cross over of Americans and Londoners on a track, especially an Afrobeat song. I first heard this song on BBC Radio 1Xtra (Sian Andersons Show) and from that, it appears that the UK are backing this track to the max.

Looking back at other music videos where there has been a US and UK artist collab, the visuals are all very high quality, colourful and have lots of sharp transitions between shots. A recent video that I have picked up on this in is Stefflon Don and Sean Paul’s ‘Shot & Whine‘.

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Also on the topic of visuals and UK crossovers, Afrobeat artists Afro B and Wizkid are yet to release a video for ‘Drogba’ so this is something to look forward to in the meantime if we don’t get the ‘Lingo’ video. The UK scene looks like it is growing very healthily at the moment and with tracks like this, it can only get stronger.

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