Kadiata’s [@kadiata93] charisma is on full display on new EP ‘Lost, This Winter’

Words by: Dwayne Wilks

Kadiata’s Lost, This Winter cuts through the summer releases with its wintery edge without compromising his dance-inducing style.

Coming off the back of a show-stealing verse on Jords“Enemies”, Lost, This Winter is an 8-track project in which Kadiata shows off all his best angles. Kadaita has been building himself up as a staple in the underground scene for the last half decade or so, and his latest offering – Lost, This Winter, finds the South London rapper settled in his sound and with a full understanding of how to channel his natural charm.

Opener “Toxic Toxic” sees Kadiata begin how he intends to continue, with the subdued instrumental a bed that allows his personality to take centre stage. No moment encapsulates the centring of his charisma more than his crooning with the utmost sincerity “I aint no stranger to pain, I burned plantain last night” to open the song. Lines of levity like this fit seamlessly, even on a track like “Toxic Toxic”, where the toxicity he speaks of is his own.

Project standout track “Deeper One” follows a stream-of-consciousness format with the plight of Black people, the challenges of growing up in the ends, and the rest of Kadiata’s inner musings wrapped in the most luxurious-sounding horns. Kadiata most definitely has enough character to carry the EP, still, he enlists the help of a handful of features that are each employed to good use. The aforementioned Jords makes a cameo on “Post Quarantine”, and Knucks is called in on “Guess What”, where his easy swagger compliments that of Kadiata just as well as you’d expect.

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Released at the height of summer, Lost, This Winter is true to its title with the closer “Too Much” ft IYAMAH especially giving off a ‘wintery’ feel. Yet the project manages to feel tropical at points (namely: tracks “Mamacita” and “Post Quarantine”) without compromising its cohesion. And most importantly, throughout, Kadiata’s charisma remains on full display.

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