Photographer Naomisha Phillips will make you want to be on a yacht, in Dubai, in a thong.

naomisha phillips

We may have been robbed of a proper summer in the UK but you can mentally escape in other ways. Live vicariously through photographer Naomisha Phillips’ series of images inspired by the phrase popularised by rapper Megan Thee Stallion, “Hot Girl Summer”.

Lighting is used as the conductor of the narrative with a specific colour palette of warm oranges, reds, and royal blues to create a fantasy world you can escape to and imagine your most sexy and confident self.

“Living a hot girl summer is almost a double entendre, not about girls in a child-like sense. It’s really aimed at women to be unapologetic, feeling confident in your skin, making bold decisions and understanding how beautiful/sexy you are as a woman. Though this has elements of posey fashion, that’s what I aimed to portray with these images.” said Naomisha Phillips.

Check out Hot Girl Summer below:

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naomisha phillips
naomisha phillips
naomisha phillips
Corset – Eirinn Hayhow | Jeans – Lope Is Online | Pants – Juicy Couture
naomisha phillips
Bikini – ASOS | Cardigan – Lope Is Online | Trousers – Alejanbra Munoz | Slippers – Ego | Necklace – BB Smithh
naomisha phillips
Bra – Eirinn Hayhow | Skirt – Manimekala | Jacket – Alejandra Monzo

Stylist Kashmir Wickham
MUA Monique Monroe
Lighting Simin Zeng
Photographer Naomisha P
Model Sinead
Hair (Jewels + Shape up) Rohan

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