Knucks (@Knucks_music) drops laid back vibes with new track ‘The Jump’


The one word that should be associated with North-West London rapper Knucks is consistency. Over the last couple of years, it is clear that the young rapper values the ‘quality over quantity’ approach to music. Although he has not yet released a huge collection of music, every song thus far has been outstandingly cold. In this digital age, it’s rare to find an artist that doesn’t seem pressured to release a new song every second and an artist who endeavors to produce music to a high quality.

New track ‘The Jump’ follows this same pattern, and although it may not actually have the listener jumping, it’s slick, laid back vibe provides further evidence as to why Knucks is one of the most exciting talents to come out of the UK rap scene. The blend of the pretty melody, hard kicks and trap hi-hats are a perfect backing track to Knuck’s, distinctive, smooth as silk flow; showing just how talented an artist he is. What is even more impressive, is the fact the beat was self-produced as is the majority of his music and the instrumentation he uses shows his extensive knowledge of music, setting him apart to the abundance of UK rappers n the scene. Lastly, I have to mention his witty lyrics that sound as though they just roll effortlessly off the tongue, only adding to what makes this a wavy track. Watch out for more big things to come from Knucks in 2017.

Favourite bars : Man a say they swagga bad but I don’t see it too tough;

                              It’s kinda mad cos all I see is bootcuts;

                              Two up, while I’m billin’ gotta roll safe

                              Got me so faded couldn’t recognise my own face.

GUAP Meter: Broke   Surviving     Stable       Rich         Balling

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