@La_braya spreads self love in her debut single “Sincerley”

Meet Hackney Singer La Braya,

La Braya rich and smooth vocals glide over the beats on her EP also titled “Sincerely”.

In it La Braya touches on personal issues from loss in  “tough skin” and wellbeing in “True Sin” and “Abbie’s Song”.

The lead single “Sincerely” is however,  by far the stand out track, trailing sonically perhaps from the lineage of India Arie.

With lyrics like:


Please remember you were cute before he told he so,

And you’ll still be cute when he’s out here messing with these hoes

Please remember its your smile that keeps you beautiful

Don’t let nobody tell you anything that they don’t know


Sincerely has honest words that women and young girls across the world can empathise with, a glistening reminder of how powerful we are.

Listen to ‘Sincerely’ above and the EP here:

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