[@slimzorsl] gets [@OfficialChip] on ‘Genes’

After the success of ‘Gentleman‘ & Tropical‘ which hit 92 in the UK Singles Charts Chip was feeling SL too much not to join him on a track which brings us ‘Genes‘.

Two very different rappers/MCs who have different audiences and from a different area to each other have brought a new wave for the summer which was unexpected. Keeping the trappy flow but adding a ‘wavey’ style to the track, this is a unique song that I hope more collaborations like this happen.

Visuals by Kaylum, the video takes me back to ‘Gentleman’ days in where him and his boys are in the video on the block, but now he has slightly levelled up and is in the streets of Westminster. SL can never let us down with his videos so if you have previously watched his other videos then you know this is quality.

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