[@legallyblackuk] replaced white actors with Black people and people are impressed


LegallyblackUk is made up of four advocates of social justice from South West London and have come together to combat the way black people have been portrayed in the media. The media in general either misrepresents black people and doesn’t give them diverse roles. There is usually that one black character thrown into a show for the sake of ‘diversity’ or just given the usual roles that perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

With the release of Black Panther this year, a lot of black people for the first time felt represented in a positive light but whenever we talk about representation in mainstream media, we only focus on Hollywood or American mainstream media in general. The representation of black actors in British films or shows is so bad that you see black actors traveling to America just to get a decent role or to get hired at all.

This team of 4 A level students took it upon themselves to recreate popular movies and replace them with Black actors. The goal was to make people understand that if it feels weird seeing a black cast as the majority, then something really needs to be done with the lack of representation on TV.

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