Let’s talk about the Black Panther hate

Black panther lived up to the hype with it’s perfect construction of Afro-futurism in the Wakandan architecture to the modernising of traditional African attire and is ranked the best movie of all time by Rotten Tomatoes.

The comic adaptation wowed so many people around the globe and has been applauded  for it’s brilliant re-imagination of an alternate history (assuming vibranium does not exist in the alternative, realistically speaking) where slavery or colonialism never happened. Slavery and colonialism are the main factors that stunted the development and growth of the continent and Black Panther sees a highly technologically advanced African country, infused with the African culture safe from whitewashing and westernization.  The acting was a ten out of ten and the jokes were both relevant and comical.

However, there were people who took it to the internet to voice their negative opinions that apparently the fans that cosplayed during the screening were doing ‘too much’.



and of course, everyone has their own opinions and some people who don’t understand cosplaying or comic fans in general are probably cringed out by a 6ft tall man wearing a Black Panther costume at a Cinema.


With that aside, this movie broke barriers- I mean, massive barriers. It broke stereotypes, gave the black actors in the film positive roles that they wouldn’t have dreamed of getting in any other film. This film is the first ever marvel movie directed by a black director and the film also broke UK records at the box office. But let’s just focus on those small personal negatives you can’t stand. Collective happiness, which is absurd, really.


On the other hand, no one criticizes Harry Potter fans or star war fans when they wear their costumes to the cinema. So what’s the fuss about?, when this movie is the one thing you’ve always secretly wanted to see on television?



It possibly boils down to the fact that people are hard to please.



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