Meet the founders of the festival of the summer Strawberries & Creem [@SandCFestival]

Preye Crooks & Chris Jammer – The Sony offices are always a pleasant place to visit. Surrounded by plaques and memoirs of some of music’s most historical moments. Whenever we step into the building it feels as if we too have stepped into an important moment in time, not to mention where Preye spend his days working as an A & R during the day before spending the rest of days with the crew planning a crazy festival.

It started of simply as just a gathering of friends in their university town Cambridge for the love of good music. Strawberries & Creem Festival has now become one of the countries best up and coming festivals. Turning a hobby into a career isn’t as easy as it seems but Chris & Preye talk us through their journey, how it all comes together and what to expect this year.

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