Meet Franceso – the visual artist behind [@TRAID] window displays

The first time I walked passed a Traid store was in Hackney.

What I love about Traid is that it is a charity which supports international development through the reusing of textiles, whilst still celebrating fashion. The most obvious way they do this is through their artistic and eye-catching window displays. Visual artist Francesco Colucci has been working with Traid for 8 years and has contributed to creating its renowned image.

Francesco studied Fine Art in Rome and in 2009 moved to London. His window displays quickly gave him visibility and personalities such as Gilbert & George and previous Vogue editor Lucinda Chambers. This gave him the opportunity to freelance as a stylist and work on projects with brands such as Kenzo and Selfridges for their Issey Miyake installation.

I asked Francesco about his creative process and his distinctive style:

Creation comes into my daily work, as I’m in charge of 11 shops around London. It is a challenge for me! I try to express and fulfill myself everyday, not giving my ideas for granted , mostly, when my creativity doesnt take the form I wanted.

My aim is always to present a part of me in the final result of the artwork. I make use of garments, accessories and objects I find in the shop, that I adapt operating on the dummys using scissors, stickers and above all pins. These are the tools that facilitate most of my work.

I am constantly researching what’s new and let everything around me influence me. This includes meeting new people, buying fashion/ art books, music, visiting concerts, art fairs and exhibitions. These give me a substantial incentive to my work.

I make images, ideas and aextithic inspirations, then I shape them into my window displays.

Francesco aims to give people who pass by an experience. He wants them to experience elegant and elaborated compositions that tell a story of art and couture.

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