[@mrmontgomery_] Presents “On Your Block”

Meet the man behind one of the UK’s first Drill documentaries

Andre Johnson, also known as ‘Mr. Montgomery’ is a young journalist from South London and presents his own show called the Mr Montgomery Show,  interviewing the likes of Kojo Funds, Mike’s Comedy, Ard Adz, Yxng Bane and many more.

‘On Your Block’ is one the few U.K. Drill documentaries, featuring south London rap groups 86, A.M Skengdo, Mdargg & Moscow 17.

The Documentary produced by Kelvin Dore and shot by Leon BossPratt had everyone talking as the wait was over. The documentary answers questions as to why Drill music originates from council estates and these inner city London environments. It’s a short but informative documentary.

I wanted to get people to realise that there are young people making the most out of a bad situation, usually we hear the lyrics in these songs and they are described as derogatory, but do we ever wonder why they rap about these topics? It’s simple, this is the environment they’ve grown up in, and then other questions will follow such as, why is this their environment? Who can change this?

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It took me 2 months to make this documentary, the groups around us were highly accessible. I was surprised as how well it did. I checked it the next day and it was on 100k views. I guess it was needed as people wanted to hear from these individuals. People forget that these are young intelligent black men with their future in the palms of their hands.”

Look out for more documentaries to come in 2018, watch ‘On Your Block’ above.

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