Peckham gears up for ‘The Rebound’: An Exhibition by Nigel Korley-Simon

Curated by artist Nigel Korley-Simon, in his words, ‘The Rebound’ is an event aimed at exploring Nigel’s journey from ‘mediocrity’ to a fully fledged artist that embraces talent and realises his own potential. With a view to marry art, music and spoken word, the event will feature performances from key individuals that Nigel met at different points of his story.

Running in partnership with Young Future Co, The Rebound will feature performances from the likes of Hip-Hop and Afro-Swing artist Johnny Mensah, the multifaceted spoken word artist Shamara Roper, and soul singer Aneesa Marie. Also performing will be spoken word debutant Aedenya Knight, Solaariss, described as an ‘introverted musical genius and an extroverted showman’, The Beaded Poet, and singer Armani Soul. Completing the line up is violinist Just Kemi, someone who Nigel describes as ‘a vibe’.

Nigel provided some further background to his thinking behind the curation of the event:

“Rewriting the narrative is the real showcase – it is the artist’s belief that just having an exhibition dedicated to himself would be nothing more than an ego massage which does nothing to help other creatives find their way.”

Nigel goes on to explain that:

“Far too often there is an emphasis on being number one or the exception to the rule – we put people on pedestals because they embody our goals, but that pedestal can also distance ourselves from those goals. The only option is to break the pedestal.”

By showcasing creatives of different backgrounds at different stages of their careers, Nigel believes that he can play his part in ensuring that the next generation of creatives – some of whom may be attending – do not have to struggle unnecessarily.

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The event will take place on Saturday 27 April from 6pm to 10:30 pm at Pem People, 91 Peckham High Street, SE15 5RS.

Tickets are available here.

~ Aji Ayorinde // @ajibolajosiah

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