PREMIERE: Jessy Rose – Bloom [@JessyroseHare]

Jessy Rose makes his debut as a solo artist with the R&B ballad ‘Bloom’.

Jessy Rose is a face you may or may not recognise but ‘Bloom’ should remind you of his vocals which are one of one and you have almost certainly heard. Jessy was part of Hare Squead but left the group in 2017 after a period of struggling with his mental health. Now in a better place, he makes his return to music with ‘Bloom’ being his first solo single as the lead artist.

This is a track filled with hope in its lyrics that are made doubly impactful through Jessy‘s vocal ability and delivery. The track somewhat subverts its sound profile in this as the record feels like it should be darker in tone due to the production. But that juxtaposition works well for the track as it draws you into its layers revealing more over time. Although a love song, it almost seems a narration of self-love or at least a love for an ideal, which in Jessy‘s case could alluding to music being the thing that helped him through his tougher times.

Visuals for the track are kept relatively simple. Director Elliot Ruddy does a great job of creating an ambience that matches the track’s vibe through his approach. In doing so we get a focus on the lone Jessy as he stands before Dublin’s picturesque seaside scenery with a single rose, a nod to both Jessy‘s name as well as the flower imagery invoked by the tracks title.

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This is only the beginning for Jessy Rose as a solo artist so you can bet this is not the last you will be hearing of him. You can stream ‘Bloom’ here.

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