PREMIERE: PREM – LEGIT (feat. Raj Forever) [@ItWasPrem]

Fresh off the back of releasing his first solo EP as an artist Prem drops the visuals to ‘Legit’.

‘Legit’ is the first single from Prem‘s second EP. His first EP, The Major Move, was Prem working solo on vocals and the production too. His follow up mixtape The Major Heat is going to be the second of a trilogy of EP’s. If you couldn’t tell already the series is going to be the Major EP series. Where the first EP was Prem flying solo, he’s enlisting some friends to help out for the second one and Raj Forever is the first to be called to the mic.

Opting to self-produce on ‘Legit’ the track is hard hitting and works comfortably for both Prem and Raj. The intentional space left in the production serves to only heighten the impact of the vocals. The production on ‘Legit’ is actually a pretty large departure from the sound on The Major Move EP. It lends itself towards a more energetic vibe without completely losing the gritty feel Prem developed on that first EP.

Alongside the strong production, we get contrasting approaches to tackling it as well as of course different tonalities. Prem takes his clarity based approach and adds emphasis on specific syllables in his first verse providing a bounce that compliments the production. On his second verse, he moves over to a flow that feels like it lends itself closer to Rap where the opener feels closer to Grime showing his versatility as an artist. Raj with only one verse, definitely leaves an impression attacking the beat with a succession of rapid flows and wordplay across his verse. With a variety of flows and great tone of voice from both of them, alongside some strong writing, the track is one that grows on you more and more as it goes along.

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With The Major Heat scheduled for release mid August it won’t be long to see what else Prem has in store for us, including some productions by other producers. If you are feeling ‘Legit’ you can also stream the track here.

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