Parisian duo SACRE drop the visuals to their anthem for pride amongst women, ’01:00AM PINK MAMBA’.

’01:00AM PINK MAMBA’ is the latest visual release from SACRE taken from their 2020 project LOVE REVOLUTION. The project was an ambitious multi-medium project that sought to harness music, photography and storytelling. Their talent has been spotted with coverage across a number of publications, as well as a coveted nod of support from Pharell. The pair weren’t from a long line of musicians and instead had a natural affinity for music but only truly managed to find their individual sounds after coming together, culminating in the official formation of SACRE.

Now where to start with ’01:00AM PINK MAMBA’. Visually things aren’t made overly complex, instead, they were left intentionally simplistic so as not to take away from the track’s messaging. To further boost the narrative across the lyrics the visuals make use of a two colour palette that catches the eye due to the stark contrast between hot pink and black. The animated video melds itself to the lyrics, highlighting the refusal to be constrained or defined and celebrating fluidity. The styling of the video means that the focus of the video is purely on expressionism rather than desire. The light tone carries one intricate message that’s condensed into a few simple words: “I am woman”.

Sonically the track is SACRE‘s brand of Electro-Pop that stems from the wide range of artists that inspire them. It is bouncy and fun in the way Pop is typically expected to be but subverts it by having a level of seriousness to the lyrics that push it above the norm. The track in parts reminds me of Mura Masa‘s 2016 collaboration with A$AP Rocky ‘Lovesick’, which is no small comparison to make as that track is Mura Masa‘s most distinguishable record and has over 249 million streams on Spotify alone. So all it looks like it should take is the right push and ’01:00AM PINK MAMBA’ should be able to replicate some of that success.

To close, it’s only right to hear from the artists themselves who said:

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“01:00AM PINK MAMBA is an ode to the independent and victorious woman. In this music video, the woman is naked, powerful and assumes her femininity as a vector of success. ‘I’m a chief, a shark, a champion and a warrior…. I’m a woman’.”

You can stream the track & the rest of the LOVE REVOLUTION project here.

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